New Jersey Buy Here Pay Here

New Jersey Buy Here Pay Here

If you are getting sick of taking the bus, and relying on other people for rides, then it’s time that you get into your very own car. If you have been told time and again, that that is not an option for you because of bad credit – we are here to tell you that it is a very real option.

We offer great loans that are realistic, and will help you rebuild your credit. We are NOT a New Jersey Buy Here Pay Here dealership that sets their customers up for failure, but a real dealership honestly wanting to give people a second chance at car ownership.

South Jersey’s Second Chance

Sport Second Chance is able to provide people with bad or no credit, great loan options at a comfortable rate, and payments you can afford. Often, customers come to us unsure if what we say applies to them, and end up breathing a huge sigh of relief when they finally hear that YES they have been waiting for.

We won’t bog you down with unrealistic expectations that drag your credit down further. Too many New Jersey Buy Here Pay Here dealerships are already doing that, we are are proud to say that we are not one of them.


Kick Loan Sharks to the Curb

Tell the New Jersey Buy Here Pay Here dealers that you have a realistic option that will have you driving home in your new car today – without a risky loan from them.

We have a great team of individuals who truly care about you, and your experience with us. You will be treated like any other customer from the time you walk through our door, until the time you leave.

Your goal is to get into a new car with the New Jersey buy here pay here dealers, and our goal is to get you into that car, and see you keep that car for years to come.

Your success is our success, and we love to see our customers rebuild their credit with us. So come down today, and drive home in your new car!